About Dr Deb Roberts

Deb Roberts 2018 | Image by Ella Mitchell

Deb Roberts 2018 | Image by Ella Mitchell

Dr Deb Roberts PhD is passionate about personal well-being and public health.

Deb grew up in Kansas and went to the University of Texas, in Austin. In 1999 she completed a PhD in Public Health at The University of Melbourne.

Deb is a writer, speaker, a yoga teacher and a health advocate, who works with individuals, corporate groups and in school communities to elevate self-care, mental and physical health and resilience.

Debs unique practice combines western and eastern health methodologies, and a philosophic enquiry which fuels her passion for self-care through holistic practices in community settings.

Her influences are many and varied drawn from humans, animals and nature.  Particular notable living humans who Deb admire’s for their authenticity, perseverance and humor include (but are not limited to) His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Deepak Chopra, AG & Indra Mohan, Dr Ganesh Mohan, Saraswathi Vasudevan, Oprah Winfrey, Brene Brown, Ellen DeGeneres and Bono.

Deb has held executive positions in the public and private health care sector and is currently an Adjunct Faculty member at Monash University.

Her professional milestones include founding a school’s based yoga teaching business Yogabean for which she is still a teacher and consultant today.

In 2016 Deb started SOS-Care, a program which celebrates self-care and aims to destigmatise and normalise discussions around mental health. This program was piloted in Melbourne schools and is a bespoke support system for educators who wish to address well-being needs in their community.

Deb has completed over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training and mindfulness/meditation courses and is a registered Yoga Australia Level 2 Teacher and a Yoga Australia Registered Children's Yoga Teacher. 

Deb lives Bayside in Melbourne with her husband, three active sons and four legged companion Sparky.

The following list is a selection of Academic Articles authored by Dr Deb Roberts (né YarmO). To read more by Deb, including wellness inspired poetry visit her Blog.

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